Park Avenue

Location:Empoli, Italy

Park Avenue was created in 2015 by interpreting with originality the forms and themes drawn from the decorating canons of New York at the beginning of the 20th century, on the cusp between classicism and modernity. The Park Avenue interior-design line delicately and elegantly expresses the eternal essence of beauty. The minimalism of its shapes frees matter from the restrictions of the past, exalting itself in a living, vibrant play of forms and volumes, endowing a feeling of stability representing the antithesis to the inconstant outer world.

Park Avenue concentrates on a high level of personalization of all products, on extreme attention to detail, and offers a series of dedicated services, that only a production carried out by our excellent Tuscan craftsmen can achieve. An artisanal production guarantees in fact both an outstanding level of quality and a high manufacturing flexibility, the certainty that each manufactured product is unique and exclusive. Luxury and Tradition go hand in hand.

The Park Avenue collection can satisfy the needs of the most demanding customer, especially if he is inclined to an additional customization of the products and elements offered by our wide and complete luxury range. The production by Park Avenue goes from Bathroom flooring and covering, to taps, sanitary-ware, towel warmers, bathtubs, complete showers, consoles, vanities and a variety of different furniture and accessories of unmistakable style, quality and personality.