Location:Munich, Germany

Every year NEFF is recognized with industry awards for our unique blend of design and functionality. In the ‘Noughties’, NEFF continued to refine our cooking range, with appliances given an aluminium coating for instantly cool modern charisma. But for us, true beauty lies where design also enhances functionality. Look beneath the surface, and you’ll find stunning innovations like Circosteam, for lovers of crisp, crunchy vegetables, or our Compact Cafe, the ultimate home coffee gadget for bean coinesseurs.

In the “twenty- tens”, NEFF has turned to magic in the search for ever-more delicious ways to cook. Okay, that’s not literally true, but we do like to think there’s a little bit of magic in our latest innovations. Take Variosteam. During cooking, our Variosteam technology adds moisture to the oven (in the form of steam), meaning that roasts, for example, will turn out succulent and juicy every time (carnivores rejoice!). Another piece of kitchen sorcery is NEFF’s Flexinduction hob. Just place a pan anywhere on its smooth, dark surface and only the pan heats up, whilst the rest of your cooking area stays cool to the touch.