Location:Perignano, Italy

For more than 50 years our company has established itself throughout the national and international territory, having its roots in the production of furnishing solutions for all areas of Interior Design.

The different interpreters who tell Grilli breathe the current Mood, conceived by the Artistic Director Simone Cellitti, according to subjective variations. The new collections are always in the deepening and evolution phase and the main actors are the Designers who, through their sensitive hand, pack the image of the products. Giancarlo Vegni, Carlo Bimbi, Mario Precisi, Roberto Fidanzi, Pino Matranga, are the different souls that represent the Grilli production, where the common denominator is deeply linked to the Tuscan land.

To date, the numerous products are in balance between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design, and follow two interpretations of taste: the Classic line, which brings together the flavor of tradition, and the contemporary design of the Worldesign line.

The collections are completed by Architectural Design proposals that reinforce the global vision of the Interior theme.

From the door system to the decorative walls (totally customizable textile, wood or ceramic boiseries) up to the kits that pack the product of the upholstered furniture and the beds (but also home accessories), everything is traceable in the commercial offer that Grilli presents through its Dealer in Italy and worldwide.
We are also developing agreements with local partners that can confirm both sustainability processes (from KM0 to the selection of materials used) and place identity as an incremental factor.

Belonging to the territory and the reference to the cultural values of the Italian Renaissance echo in a refined way on the products so as to savor the excellence of Made in Italy. The flavors of the earth, the colors and shades in fact tell a thousand-year history that cannot be canceled by passing fashions.

Made in Italy, for those who, like Grilli, actually produce at their factory, must be a distinctive factor. Knowing that history can help to incorporate renewal processes through the technique, tradition and enhancement of the product helps to better perceive the message of a quality accessible to all.