Caroti & Co

Location:Pontedera, Italy

Hardworking hands, tireless, enchanted by the warmth of wood and by a unique, timeless style. This is the story of Original Furniture Vecchia Marina by Caroti. A family story, which in 1960 started as a small carpentry workshop where traditions and experiences are handed down from one generation to the next, with passion and dedication.

These same values guide the company every day in all the phases of production, from design to manufacturing, followed directly by the owner with the most modern and advanced instruments in order to respond in a timely and effective manner to the needs of global and dynamic markets.

The production plant is immersed in the Tuscan countryside, in a dynamic industrial area recognised the world over for its contribution to Made in Italy.
Here the entire Marine style collection of the catalogue is realised with a skilful mix of craftsmanship and technological innovation, where people are at the heart of the process so as to ensure high quality standards and accurate controls during all the phases of production and distribution.

While remaining faithful to the original, for some years Original Furniture Vecchia Marina by Caroti has been trying to transfer its particular vision of the Marine style to its products, to make them come to life once again in contemporary, high profile environments, both for the living area and the sleeping area.

Caroti proposes design with warm and intense colours, where details are dense in the recollection and nostalgia of 19th century shipbuilding, bringing to mind the brackish atmosphere and boundless horizons on board the elegant transatlantic cruise ships. The contaminations between old and new blend together in a unique product that skilfully combines design and high-quality raw materials.

The Old Marina by Caroti design celebrates its origins, and reinvents a timeless style that speaks to the heart even before reaching the eyes.

Each Vecchia Marina by Caroti product is numbered and accompanied by a Warranty Certificate, also numbered and signed by the responsible operator that testifies to the authenticity of our furniture and distinguishes it from imitations.

Those who choose VECCHIA MARINA by CAROTI choose furniture made with genuine solid wood, valuable raw material that by its very nature can have a few small surface imperfections and slight variations of colour. These characteristics are to be interpreted as further proof of the authenticity and quality of the product.

To guarantee against unreliable imitations, we suggest that our customers check for the presence of our trademark and carefully preserve the corresponding numbered certificate.