Bacci Stile

Location:Ponsacco, Italy

In the by now far 1979 it was born our entrepreneurial adventure formed by an ancient family of artisans devoted to guard the most ancient secrets of the cabinet making.

Our firm, still leader in the furniture field, was born from the wish to create a high quality product taking care of the least details.

A passion that in 2007 decided to develop and to widen its own ray of sale in the foreign market, addressing therefore on a more specific and sought product.

From our laboratories of carpentry and sawmill our most precious collections of furniture have been created.

Thanks to qualified designer we have succeeded in realizing refined and elegant collections giving attention to every single piece.

From by now over 30 years on the market, BACCI STILE creates, realizes and develops solutions of furnish that, through wise artisan hands, model, decorate and mould our furniture.

Modular furniture offers the possibility of customizing following the client personal taste; thanks to these modules, our interior designers are able to create made in measure areas which can fulfil all the different requests.