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Our company has knowledge and a well-coordinated team of specialists for all types of internal and external finishing work, laying communications of any complexity and installing specialized equipment. In addition to this, we are building saunas, baths and steam rooms.


Our engineers, architects and interior designers are always at your service and are ready to develop projects of any complexity and specificity. We pay particular attention to detailed design and visualization, as in our opinion, this is the basis for the quality performance of all types of work.


Direct contacts with the best world manufacturers allow you to equip objects of any complexity. We have developed comprehensive offers for any style and budget of the customer, and the presence of an office in Europe allows you to control production locally.


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  • Projecting
  • Works
  • Equipment

Before proceeding with any actions, we suggest that our customers meet in our comfortable office to discuss their preferences, style, budget and develop an action plan for all necessary stages of work. If necessary, we coordinate the visit to the client’s site in order to familiarize themselves with the specifics of the premises and evaluate all the possibilities for implementing ideas on the spot.

High-quality and timely execution of works is based on carefully executed planning and design based on the stylistic preferences of the client and the realities of his budget. We have developed ready-made concepts for any needs of our customers and the specifics of objects and necessary work. At the end of the design work, we will conduct a detailed survey of all types of work and interior design to draw up a full commercial offer with the most transparent pricing.

The staff of experienced, highly qualified specialists allows us to perform work of any specificity, including redevelopment of premises, laying of communications, installation of equipment of any complexity, interior and exterior decoration of all kinds, manufacturing and installation of floor coverings, as well as work with plaster. We have experience and the ability to carry out all types of carpentry by local or foreign experts, paneling walls and ceilings with wooden panels, making wardrobe and wine rooms, saunas, pools and other specialized rooms.

Many years of cooperation with leading manufacturers in Italy, Europe and the world allow us to equip interiors of any level and style with the best price offer on the market. We are ready to take the order, control over the production, delivery and assembly of your interior items, from furniture and light to bedding and cutlery. Our office in Italy constantly monitors all processes in production and supports live communication with factories to resolve any issues.


Over the years, we have implemented many projects of varying degrees of complexity, which allowed us to accumulate a lot of experience with which we are ready to share with you.


We have perfect and well-coordinated team of specialists of different orientations ready to take on the design and execution of work of any complexity.


Direct contacts with all manufacturers and established contacts allow us to offer our customers objectively the best prices on the market.


Our highly qualified engineers, architects and designers are the basis of high-quality follow-up work at the customer's site.


The ability to control and influence all internal and external processes allows us to predict and guarantee all deadlines.


Years of direct cooperation and the presence of an office in Europe allows us to surround ourselves with trusted and reliable partners in all areas of business.

Over 7 years of market success

The company EliteInterProekt began its work in Italy, gaining experience in working on objects located on the shores of Lake Como, on the coast of Forte dei Marmi and Nice. Then there was a branch in Dubai, and in 2016 the company opened an office in Moscow, which later became its general representation.

At the moment, we are ready to provide our services and work, both in Moscow and the regions, and in other countries of the world. He already has experience in Italy, France, Spain, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Latvia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

We are not afraid of difficulties and distances, and our team of specialists is always ready to start working on assigned tasks anywhere in the world.



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